Project outputs

Project outputs :

-    project website updated continuously during and after the project period;
-    presentation prepared once per project period;
-    conference organized once per project period;
-    online conference proceedings issued once per project period; 
-    report issued once per project period.

Expected Outcomes of the project

-    reinforced mutual cooperation among all stakeholders (academics, managing and control authorities, practice)  and within specific fields individually;
-    improved knowledge of teaching and research activities of educational and research institutions in the EU and in Central European countries;
-    enhanced governance of agricultural land protection in Central European countries and subsequently in the EU.    

Deliverables of the project

-    WEBSITE: Central European Inicitaive on Agricultural Land protection
-    Presentation of the Land Protection in the Central-European Countries - didactic material 
-    Conference Proceedings
-    Report: Agricultural Land Protection in the Central Europe - book 


Central European Initiative on Agricultural Land Protection
Expected outcomes from the Conference :
-    Gathered information about the situation of agricultural land protection in Central Europe countries
-    Improved transparency and complexity of the data related to agricultural land in Central Europe countries
-    Strengthen cooperation among stakeholders